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I took up and finished my bachelor’s degree in nursing in a respected university in my province – Baliuag University, Baliwag , Bulacan on 2007. This was the same institution where I completed my master’s degree in search for career growth and professional advancement on 2010.

My professional practice of nursing started at Castro Maternity Hospital, as humble staff nurse my work revolved around bedside patient care in this hospital utilizing scientifically accepted principles and standards of safe nursing practice. In a year of experience, I took every opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge into action as I perform various nursing tasks on different clients across the lifespan.

My second job was as a freelance review lecturer for local and international nursing licensure examination. In my college years, I am seeing myself more of as a nurse educator enthusiastically imparting knowledge than being a nurse in the hospital who renders bedside nursing care. I was blessed for having a chance to experience the best of both worlds – being in the academe and being in practice. Being a nurse educator is my dream put into reality, handling subjects on Medical-Surgical Nursing and Maternity and Pediatric Nursing. As review lecturer, my values of being  patient, updated, creative, and innovative in approaching and delivering the subjects to produce competent and well-equipped nurses for the examinations they are about to take.
And as for my present job, I am responsible for reviewing individualized patient cases utilizing appropriate medical criteria and support such review by using utilizing state or state recommended guidelines. Lastly, communicates with team to review issues/concerns to ensure that there is appropriate workflow, communication and documentation on each file. I am currently working in a HCCA Healthcare Connection in Taguig City.

This is how my autobiography goes. I hope you had great time reading.


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