Why I Chose Nursing?

Nursing as a career choice

Having the immature perception that nursing is a course intended for ladies wearing cap and white uniform, I am really ambivalent if my parents’ advice to take up this course was a wise choice. My childhood dream is to become established in a business industry and not seeing myself inside the hospital while on white uniform.

It was year 2003 when I completed my secondary education and during that period, demands for nurses were at its bloom. I was advised by my parents to take up nursing and that, choosing nursing as a career was a wise and practical choice. I am really half hearted from the moment of entrance examination until on the very last moment of enrolment.

My first year in college sailed well as subjects offered were just traditional liberal arts such as grammar, rhetoric, logic and algebra. I really felt that it’s just a continuation of my high school years.

My sophomore year was indeed an eye opener for me and provided a great realization. This is the period where I realized that enrolling in nursing was not a mistake. It’s truly a wise choice. Core nursing subjects were introduced and hospital duties started. Having the theoretical background that nursing is not just a profession but also a vocation, immersion to various healthcare settings such as rural health units, clinics, hospitals and community gave me an opportunity to realize that nursing is truly a humble service to humanity. It requires not only indebt knowledge but also a caring attitude and compassionate heart as when rendering nursing care. That is the time that my love for nursing started and from then on, it continued to flourish in my third and final year. Nursing may not be my personal choice at first but I found no regret, I embraced every opportunity I encountered in my bachelor’s degree. Nursing is not merely a one-way process of rendering care, it’s a two way process where nurses can touched the lives of their clients and vice versa.

I may not be the cream of the crop in our batch but I managed to pursue my dreams step by step. And in pursuing such dreams I realized that nursing is a knowing profession, a caring and nurturing vocation.

Doctorate in nursing science as a wise choice

Nursing education is a constantly growing field, it entails continuous search for career growth and professional advancement.  Enrolling in doctorate degree in nursing can move a high growth trajectory in my career as a nurse educator. Considering the present scene of nursing education in the country, it’s a gloomy reality that students who are taking up the course drastically declined. This is equivalent to nursing educators having minimal opportunity to be employed in a college or university.  Teaching is really my passion and I believe that doctorate degree in nursing science is one of the best programs for someone who is looking to make a career in the field of nursing education. It can make me equip with philosophical and theoretical frameworks in becoming transformed nursing educator, believing in the premise that nursing education should always be evidence based approach.

When time comes that the demand for nursing educators proceeds, competition may be much intense than expected, as more and more registered nurses are pursing master’s degree in nursing. Therefore, enrolling in doctorate degree in nursing science will fortify my credentials and will open the doors of opportunity for a sound career in nursing education.